Bruno Fischer
Rick Train:

The Hornet’s Nest (1944)

Kill to Fit (1946)

Ben Helm, an ex-cop turned private investigator in New York City:

The Dead Men Grin (1945)

More Deaths Than One (1947)

The Restless Hands (1949)

The Silent Dust (1950)

The Paper Circle (1951)
APA: Stripped for Murder (1953)


So Much Blood (1939)
APA: Stairway to Death (1951)

Quoth the Raven (1944)
APA: Croaked the Raven (1947)
APA: The Fingered Man (1953)

The Pigskin Bag (1946)

The Spider Lily (1946)

The Bleeding Scissors (1948)
APA: The Scarlet Scissors (1950)

The Angels Fell (1950)
APA: The Flesh Was Cold (1957)

House of Flesh (1950)

The Lady Kills (1951)

The Fast Buck (1952)

Fools Walk In (1952)

Run for Your Life (1953)

So Wicked My Love (1953)

Knee-Deep in Death (1956)

Murder in the Raw (1957)

Second-Hand Nude (1959)

The Girl Between (1960)

The Evil Days (1974)

A Mate for Murder and Other Tales from the Pulps (1992) [SS]

Written as Russell Gray

The Lustful Ape (1950)