Janet Evanovich
Stephanie Plum, bounty hunter in Trenton, New Jersey:

One for the Money1 (1994)
1995 New Blood Dagger Award
1995 Dilys Award
Finalist 1994 Agatha Award for Best First Novel

Finalist 1995 Last Laugh Dagger Award
Finalist 1995 Edgar Award for Best First Novel
Finalist 1995 Anthony Award for Best Mystery
Finalist 1995 Macavity Award for Best First Novel
Finalist 1995 Shamus Award for Best First Novel

Two for the Dough1 (1996)
1996 Last Laugh Dagger Award
Finalist 1997 Macavity Award for Best Novel

Three To Get Deadly1 (1997)
1997 Silver Dagger Award
1998 Lefty Award
1998 Dilys Award

Four to Score2 (1998)
1999 Lefty Award

High Five2 (1999)
Finalist 2000 Anthony Award for Best Mystery
Finalist 2000 Barry Award for Best Novel
Finalist 2000 Lefty Award

Hot Six2 (2000)
Finalist 2001 Dilys Award

Seven Up (2001)

Hard Eight (2002)
Finalist 2003 Lefty Award

Visions of Sugar Plums3, 4 (2002)

To the Nines (2003)

Ten Big Ones (2004)

Eleven on Top (2005)

Twelve Sharp (2006)

Plum Lovin3, 4 (2007)

Lean Mean Thirteen (2007)

Plum Lucky3, 4 (2008)

Fearless Fourteen (2008)

Plum Spooky3 (2009)

Finger Lickin’ Fifteen (2009)

Sizzling Sixteen (2010)

Smokin’ Seventeen (2011)

Explosive Eighteen (2011)

Notorious Nineteen (2012)

Takedown Twenty (2013)

Top Secret Twenty-One (2014)

Tricky Twenty-Two (2015)

Turbo Twenty-Three (2016)

Hardcore Twenty-Four (2017)

Look Alive Twenty-Five (2018)

Twisted Twenty-Six (2019)

Fortune and Glory: Tantalizing Swenty-Seven (2020)

Game On: Tempting Twenty-Eight (2021)

Going Rogue: Rise and Shine Twenty-Nine (2022)

Now or Never (due November 19, 2024)

Alexandra “Barney” Barnaby, garage mechanic in Baltimore, Maryland:

Metro Girl (2004)

Motor Mouth (2006)

Troublemaker5 (2010)

Troublemaker: Book 25 (2010)


Diesel from the Stephanie Plum books gets his own series, with pastry chef Lizzie Tucker, in North Shore, Boston, Massachusetts:

Wicked Appetite (2010)

Wicked Business (2012)

Wicked Charms (2015)
[written with Phoef Sutton]

Kate O’Hare, an FBI agent and former Navy Seal, and Nick Fox, an international thief and con man, in the Fox & O’Hare mysteries:

The Heist7 (2013)

The Chase7 (2014)

The Job7 (2014)

The Scam7 (2015)

The Pursuit7 (2016)

The Big Kahuna8 (2019)

The Bounty8 (2021)

Emerson Knight, an eccentric rich introvert, and Riley Moon, a Harvard Business and Law grad, in New York City:
Curious Minds (2016)
[written with Phoef Sutton]

Dangerous Minds (2017)

Gabriela Rose, a globe-trotting insurance fraud investigator:

The Recovery Agent (2022)


Written with Charlotte Hughes
Max Holt, a young genius and animal rights activist, and Jamie Swift, an editor of a newspaper, in Beaumont, South Carolina:

Full House6 (1989)

Full Tilt (2003)

Full Speed (2003)

Full Blast (2004)

Full Bloom (2005)

Full Scoop (2006)

Written with Dorien Kelly
Culhane Family romantic suspense:

Love in a Nutshell (2012)

The Husband List (2013)


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