Loren D. Estleman
Sherlock Holmes, 19th century consulting detective in London, England:

Sherlock Holmes vs. Dracula (1978)

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Holmes (1978)

The Perils of Sherlock Holmes (2012)

Page Murdock, a deputy US Marshal in 1880s American West (and Canada):

The High Rocks (1979)

Stamping Ground (1980)

Murdock’s Law (1982)

The Stranglers (1984)

City of Widows (1994)

White Desert (2000)

Port Hazard (2004)

The Book of Murdock (2010)

Cape Hell (2016)

Wild Justice (2018)

Amos Walker, a private investigator in Detroit, Michigan:

Motor City Blue (1980)

Angel Eyes (1981)

The Midnight Man (1982)

The Glass Highway (1983)
Finalist 1984 Shamus Award for Best Novel

Sugartown (1984)
1985 Shamus Award for Best Novel

Every Brilliant Eye (1986)

Lady Yesterday (1987)
Finalist 1988 Shamus Award for Best Novel

General Murders (1988) [SS]

Downriver (1988)

Silent Thunder (1989)
Finalist 1989 Gold Dagger Award

Sweet Women Lie (1990)

Never Street (1997)

The Witchfinder (1998)

The Hours of the Virgin (1999)

A Smile on the Face of the Tiger (2000)
Finalist 2001 Shamus Award for Best Novel

Sinister Heights (2002)

Poison Blonde (2003)

Retro (2004)

Nicotine Kiss (2006)

American Detective (2007)

Amos Walker: The Complete Story Collection (2010)

The Left-Handed Dollar (2010)

Infernal Angels (2011)

Burning Midnight (2012)
Finalist 2013 Nero Award

Don’t Look for Me (2014)

You Know Who Killed Me (2014)

The Sundown Speech (2015)

The Lioness Is the Hunter (2017)
Finalist 2018 Nero Award

Black and White Ball1 (2018)

When Old Midnight Comes Along (2019)

Cutthroat Dogs (2022)

Monkey in the Middle (2022)

Peter Macklin, hit man for the mob in Detroit, Michigan:

Kill Zone (1984)

Roses Are Dead (1985)

Any Man’s Death (1986)

Something Borrowed, Something Black (2002)

Little Black Dress (2005)

The Detroit Series:

Whiskey River (1990)
[set in 1928-1939]
Finalist 1991 Edgar Award for Best Mystery

Motown (1991)
[set in 1966]

King of the Corner (1992)
[set in 1990]

Edsel (1996)
[set in 1950s]

Stress (1996)
[set in 1973]

Jitterbug (1999)
[set in 1943]

Thunder City (1999)
[set in 1900-1910]

Valentino, a film detective for UCLA who inadvertently becomes an amateur sleuth, in Los Angeles, California:

Frames (2008)

Alone (2009)

Alive! (2013)

Shoot (2016)

Brazen (2016)

Indigo (2020)


The Oklahoma Punk (1976)
APA: Red Highway (1987)

Peeper2 (1989)

People Who Kill (1993) [SS]

Gas City (2008)

The Confessions of Al Capone (2013)

Ragtime Cowboys (2014)

Detriot Is Our Beat: Tales of the Four Horsemen (2015) [SS]

Desperate Detroit and Stories of Other Dire Places (2016) [SS]

Nearly Nero: The Adventures of Claudius Lyon, the Man Who Would Be Wolfe (2017) [SS]

The Eagle and the Viper (2021)


The Hider (1978)

Aces and Eights: A Novel of the Legend of Wild Bill Hickok (1981)

The Wolfer (1983)

Mister St. John (1983)

This Old Bill: A Novel of Buffalo Bill Cody (1984)

Gun Man (1985)

Bloody Season (1988)

The Best Western Stories of Loren D. Estleman (1989) [SS]

Sudden Country (1991)

Billy Gashade (1997)

Journey of the Dead (1998)

The Rocky Mountain Moving Picture Association (1999)

Hell on the Draw: The Best Western Stories of Loren D. Estleman (1999) [SS]

The Master Executioner (2001)

Black Powder, White Smoke (2002)

The Undertaker’s Wife (2005)

The Adventures of Johnny Vermillion (2006)

The Branch and the Scaffold: A Novel of Judge Parker (2008)

Roy & Lillie: A Love Story (2010)

The Long High Noon (2015)

The Ballad of Black Bart (2017)

Hobnail and Other Frontier Stories (2019) [SS]

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