J.T. Ellison
Taylor Jackson, a homicide lieutenant, and her lover, FBI profiler John Baldwin, in Nashville, Tennessee:

All the Pretty Girls (2007)

14 (2008)

Judas Kiss (2009)

The Cold Room (2010)
2011 Thriller Award for Best Paperback

The Immortals (2010)

So Close the Hand of Death (2011)

Where All the Dead Lie (2011)

Field of Graves (2016)

Samantha Owens, a medical examiner from Tennessee:

A Deeper Darkness (2012)

Edge of Black (2012)

When Shadows Fall (2014)

What Lies Behind (2015)


No One Knows (2016)

The First Decade: A Short Story Collection (2016) [SS]

Lie to Me (2017)

Tear Me Apart (2018)

Good Girls Lie (2019)

Her Dark Lies (2021)

It’s One of Us (2023)
Finalist 2024 Thriller Award for Best Novel

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