Alice Duncan
Daisy Gumm Majesty, a medium to the rich and famous, in 1920s Pasadena, California:

Strong Spirits (2003)

Fine Spirits (2003)

High Spirits (2008)

Hungry Spirits (2010)

Genteel Spirits (2011)

Ancient Spirits (2012)

Spirits Revived (2014)

Dark Spirits (2014)

Mercy Allcutt, a former Boston Brahmin, working for a down-on-his luck private investigator, in 1920s Hollywood, California:

Lost Among the Angels (2006)

Angel’s Flight (2009)

Fallen Angels (2011)

Angels of Mercy (2012)

Thanksgiving Angels (2015)

Annabelle Blue, a 19-year-old working in her family’s dry-goods store in 1923, in fictional Rosedale, in southeast New Mexico:

Pecos Valley Diamond (2005)

Pecos Valley Revival (2011)

Pecos Valley Rainbow (2013)

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