Nelson DeMille
Joe Ryker, a NYPD homicide detective in New York City1:

The Sniper2 (1974)

The Hammer of God2 (1974)

The Agent of Death (1975)

Joe Keller, a NYPD homicide detective in New York City3:

The Smack Man (1975)

The Cannibal (1975)

The Night of the Phoenix (1975)

John Sutter, a tax attorney:

The Gold Coast (1990)

The Gate House (2008)

Paul Brenner, a Vietnam combat veteran:

The General’s Daughter (1992)

Up Country (2002)

John Corey, an NYPD detective in Long Island, New York:

Plum Island (1997)

The Lion’s Game (2000)

Night Fall (2004)

Wild Fire (2006)

The Lion (2010)

The Panther (2012)

Radiant Angel (2015)


By the Rivers of Babylon (1978)

Mayday (1979)
[written with Thomas H. Block]

Cathedral (1981)

The Talbot Odyssey (1984)

Word of Honor (1985)

The Charm School (1988)

Spencerville (1994)

The Quest (2013)

The Cuban Affair (2017)

The Deserter (due October 22, 2019)
[written with Alex DeMille]

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