E.V. Cunningham
Howard Melvin Fast
Masao Masuto, a Detective Sergeant in Beverly Hills, California:

Samantha1(1967) [as Howard Fast]
APA: The Case of the Angry Actress (1984)

The Case of the One Penny Orange1 (1977)

The Case of the Russian Diplomat (1978)

The Case of the Poisoned Eclairs (1979)

The Case of the Sliding Pool2 (1981)

The Case of the Kidnapped Angel2 (1982)

The Case of the Murdered MacKenzie (1984)

Harvey Krim, a police detective in New York City:

Lydia (1964)

Cynthia (1968)

The Assassin Who Gave Up His Gun (1969)

John Comaday, a police commissioner, and Larry Cohen, Manhattan Assistant District Attorney, in New York City:

Penelope (1965)

Margie (1966)


Sylvia (1960)

Phyllis (1962)

Alice (1963)

Shirley (1964)

Helen (1966)

Sally (1967)

Millie (1973)

The Wabash Factor (1986)

Written as Howard Fast (real name):

The Story of Lola Gregg (1956)

The Winston Affair (1959)

The Confession of Joe Cullen (1989)

Greenwich (2000)

Written as Walter Ericson
Fallen Angel (1952)
APA: The Darkness Within (1953)
APA: Mirage (1965) [as Howard Fast]

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