Rick Copp
Jarrod Jarvis, a former child-star and gay amateur sleuth, in Los Angeles, California, and London, England:

The Actor’s Guide to Murder (2003)

The Actor’s Guide to Adultery (2004)

The Actor’s Guide to Greed (2005)


Fingerprints and Facelifts (2007)

Written as Lee Hollis (joint pseudonym with sister Holly Simason [1961-])
Hayley Powell, a single mother writing the food column for the Island Times, in Bar Harbor, Maine, in the Food and Cocktails mysteries:

Death of a Kitchen Diva (2012)

Death of a Country Fried Redneck (2012)

Death of a Coupon Clipper (2013)

Death of a Chocoholic (2014)

Death of a Christmas Caterer (2014)

Death of a Cupcake Queen (2015)

Death of a Bacon Heiress (2016)

Death of a Pumpkin Carver (2016)

Death of a Lobster Lover (2017)

Death of a Cookbook Author (2018)

Death of a Wedding Cake Baker (2019)

Death of a Blueberry Tart (2020)

Death of a Wicked Witch (2020)

Death of an Italian Chef (2021)

Death of an Ice Cream Scooper (2022)

Poppy, a penniless widow running the Desert Flowers Detective Agency, with her two best friends, Violet and Iris, in Palm Springs, California, in the Desert Flowers series:

Poppy Harmon Investigates (2018) [review]

Poppy Harmon and the Hung Jury (2019)

Poppy Harmon and the Pillow Talk Killer (2021)

Poppy Harmon and the Backstabbing Bachelor (2022)

Maya, a private investigator, and Sandra, her housewife friend, in Portland, Maine:

Murder at the PTA (2020)

Murder at the Bake Sale (2021)

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