Susan Rogers Cooper
Milt Kovak, sheriff in Prophesy County, Oklahoma:

The Man in the Green Chevy (1988)

Houston in the Rearview Mirror (1990)

Other People’s Houses (1990)

Chasing Away the Devil (1991)

Dead Moon on the Rise (1994)

Doctors and Lawyers and Such (1995)

Lying Wonders (2003)

Vegas Nerve (2007)

Shotgun Wedding (2009)

Rude Awakening (2009)

Husband and Wives (2012)

Dark Waters (2013)

Countdown (2014)

Best Served Cold (2016)

E.J. Pugh, a housewife-mom romance writer in Black Cat Ridge, Texas:

One, Two, What Did Daddy Do? (1992)

Hickory Dickory Stalk (1996)

Home Again, Home Again (1997)
Finalist 1998 Edgar Award for Best Paperback

There Was a Little Girl (1998)

A Crooked Little House (1999)

Not in My Back Yard (1999)

Don’t Drink the Water (2000)

Romanced to Death (2008)

Full Circle (2010)

Dead Weight (2012)

Gone in a Flash (2013)

Dead to the World (2014)

Student Body (2017)

Kimmey Kruse, a stand-up comedian in Austin, Texas:

Funny as a Dead Comic (1993)

Funny as a Dead Relative (1994)

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