Natasha Cooper
Daphne Wright
Willow King, a romance novelist in London, England:

Festering Lilies (1990)
APA: A Common Death (1991)

Poison Flowers (1991)

Bloody Roses (1992)

Bitter Herbs (1993)

Rotten Apples (1995)

Fruiting Bodies (1996)
APA: The Drowning Pool (1997)

Sour Grapes (1997)

Trish Maguire, a barrister specializing in child-abuse cases in England:

Creeping Ivy (1998)

Fault Lines (1999)

Prey to All (2000)

Out of the Dark (2002)

A Place of Safety (2003)

Keep Me Alive (2004)

Gagged & Bound (2005)

Evil Is Done (2007)
APA: A Greater Evil (2007)

A Poisoned Mind (2008)

Written as N.J. Cooper
Karen Taylor, a forensic psychologist, on the Isle of Wight, UK:

No Escape (2009)

Lifeblood (2010)

Face of the Devil (2011)

Vengeance in Mind (2012)
Finalist 2012 Gold Dagger Award


No More Victims (2008) [YA]


Written as Clare Layton

Clutch of Phantoms (2000)

Those Whom the Gods Love (2001)