Lesley Cookman
Libby Sarjeant, a middle-aged actress and private investigator, in Kent, England:

Murder in Steeple Martin (2006)

Murder at The Laurels (2007)

Murder in Midwinter (2007)

Murder by the Sea (2008)

Murder in Bloom (2009)

Murder in the Green (2010)

Murder Imperfect (2010)

Murder to Music (2011)

Murder at the Manor (2012)

Murder by Magic (2012)

Murder at the Monastery (2013)

Murder in the Dark (2013)

Murder in a Different Place (2014)

Murder out of Tune (2014) [ebook]

Murder in the Blood (2015)

Murder Dancing (2016)


Dorinda Alexander, a former governess running the Alexandria Theatre in the seaside town of Nethergate, England:

Death Plays a Part (2015)