Jeffrey Cohen
Aaron Tucker, a former investigative reporter and aspiring screenwriter, in New Jersey:

For Whom the Minivan Rolls (2002)

A Farewell to Legs (2003)

As Dog Is My Witness (2005)

Elliot Freed, recently divorced writer and proprietor of an old movie theater, in New Jersey, in the Double Feature mysteries:

Some Like It Hot-Buttered (2007) [review]
Finalist 2008 Lefty Award

It Happened One Knife (2008)
Finalist 2009 Lefty Award

A Night at the Operation (2009)

Written as E.J. Copperman

Alison Kerby, a guesthouse owner with two unexpected guests (ghosts) in her newly acquired Jersey Shore Victorian, in the Haunted Guesthouse mysteries:

Night of the Living Deed (2010)

An Uninvited Ghost (2011)

Old Haunts (2012)

Chance of a Ghost (2013)

The Thrill of the Haunt (2013)

Inspector Specter (2014)

Ghost in the Wind (2015)

Spouse on Haunted Hill (2016)

The Hostess with the Ghostess (2018)

Bones Behind the Wheel (2019)

Samuel Hoenig, who answers questions for a living, in New Jersey, in the Asperger’s mysteries:

The Question of the Missing Head (2014)

The Question of the Unfamiliar Husband (2015)

The Question of the Felonious Friend (2016)

The Question of the Absentee Father (2017)

The Question of the Dead Mistress (2018)

Rachel Goldman, author of a series featuring missing persons investigator Duffy Madison, in the Mysterious Detective series:

Written Off (2016)

Edited Out (2017)

Kay Powell, an animal talent agent in fictional Scarborough, New Jersey, in the Agent to the Paws mysteries:

Dog Dish of Doom (2017)

Bird, Bath, and Beyond (2018)

Sandy Moss, a former New Jersey prosecutor now working for a family law firm in Los Angeles, California, in the Jersey Girl Legal mysteries:

Inheirit the Shoes (2021)

Judgment at Santa Monica (2021)

Witness for the Persecution (2022)

And Justice for Mall (2022)

My Cousin Skinny (2023)

Fran and Ken Stein, New York City private detectives who aren’t entirely human:

Ukulele of Death (2023)


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