Meg Chittenden
Margaret Chittenden
Charlie Plato, a country-western tavern owner, in San Francisco, California:

Dying To Sing (1996)

Dead Men Don’t Dance (1997)
Finalist 1998 Lefty Award

Dead Beat and Deadly (1998)

Don’t Forget To Die (1999)

Dying To See You (2001)


Findlay’s Landing (1975)

Song of Dark Water (1978)

House of the Twilight Moon (1979)

The Other Child (1979)

The Face in the Mirror (1980)

Beyond the Rainbow (1986)

Forever Love (1988)

The Wainwright Secret (1992)

Shadow of a Doubt (1993)

More Than You Know (2003)
Finalist 2004 Left Coast Crime Otter Award

Snap Shot (2004)
Finalist 2005 Left Coast Crime Calavera Award

Romantic suspense written as Rosalind Carson:

This Dark Enchantment (1982)

Song of Desire (1982)

Love Me Tomorrow (1984)

To Touch the Moon (1985)

Close to Home (1988)

The Moon Gate (1988)

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