Kate Charles
Carol Chase
Lucy Kingsley, an artist, and David Middleton-Brown, a solicitor, in London, England, and the Church of England, in the Book of Psalms mysteries:

A Drink of Deadly Wine (1991)

The Snares of Death (1993)

Appointed To Die (1994)

A Dead Man out of Mind (1995)

Evil Angels Among Them (1995)

Callie Anson, a newly ordained Anglican cleric, her boyfriend Mark Lombardi, a police officer, and DI Neville Stewart, in London, England:

Evil Intent (2005)

Secret Sins (2007)

Deep Waters (2009)

False Tongues (2015)

Desolate Places (2021) [ebook]


Unruly Passions (1998)

Strange Children (1999)

Cruel Habitations (2001)

Through a Glass, Darkly and Other Stories (2013) [SS]

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