Robert Olen Butler
Christopher Marlowe Cobb, an American newspaper war correspondent, who doubles as a spy, in WWI:

The Hot Country (2012)

The Star of Istanbul (2013)

The Empire of Night (2014)

Paris in the Dark (2018)


Sun Dogs (1982)

Other fiction:

The Alleys of Eden (1981)

Countrymen of Bones (1983)

On Distant Ground (1985)

Wabash (1987)

The Deuce (1989)

A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain (1992) [SS]

They Whisper (1994)

Tabloid Dreams (1996) [SS]

The Deep Green Sea (1998)

Mr. Spaceman (2000)

Fair Warning (2002)

Had a Good Time: Stories from American Postcards (2004) [SS]

Severance (2006) [SS]

Intercourse (2008) [SS]

Hell (2009)

A Small Hotel (2011)

Perfume River (2016)