Thomas Burke
Quong Lee, an elderly Chinatown philosopher, in London, England:
Limehouse Nights: Tales of Chinatown (1916) [SS]
APA: Broken Blossoms (1920) [selections]
APA: In Chinatown (1921) [selections]

The Pleasantries of Old Quong (1931) [SS]
APA: A Tea-Shop in Limehouse


Whispering Windows: Tales of the Waterside (1921) [SS]
APA: More Limehouse Nights

East of Mansion House (1926) [SS]

The Bloomsbury Wonder (1929) [SS]

Murder at Elstree: or, Mr. Thurtell and His Gig (1936)

Night Pieces: Eighteen Tales (1936) [SS]

Abduction: A Story of Limehouse (1939)

Dark Nights (1944) [SS]

The Best Stories of Thomas Burke (1950) [ed. John Gawsworth]

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