Raymond Buckland
The Committee Against Evil psychic agents series:

The Committee (1993)
APA: The Committee Against Evil, Book I: The Committee (2013)

Cardinal’s Sin: Psychic Defenders Uncover Evil in the Vatican (1996)
APA: The Committee Against Evil, Book II: Cardinal’s Sin (2013)

Bram Stoker, the business manager for the Lyceum Theatre beginning in 1881, in London, England:

Cursed in the Act (2014)

Dead for a Spell (2014)

A Mistake Through the Heart (2015)

Bertie Hawkins, a journalist setting out to show Scotland Yard how it is done, in 1880s London, England, in the Penny Court Enquirers series:

One Clue at a Time (2016)

The Noble Savage (2016) [ebook]

Deadly Spirit (2016) [ebook]


Golden Illuminati (2010)

Atomic Sunrise (2012)

Churchill’s Secret Spy (2014) [ebook]

Other fiction:

The Torque of Kernow (2008)

The Liberty Squadron (2014) [ebook]

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