Lawrence G. Blochman
Lawrence Goldtree Blochman
Leonidas Prike, an inspector in the CID Secret Service in British India:

Bombay Mail (1934)

Bengal Fire (1948)

Red Snow at Darjeeling (1960)

Dr. Daniel Webster Coffee, a pathology lab scientist, assisted by Dr. Motilail Mookerji, in fictional Northbank, Ohio:

Diagnosis: Homicide (1950) [SS]

Recipe for Homicide (1952)

Clues for Dr. Coffee (1964) [SS]


Midnight Sailing (1938)

Blow-Down (1939)

Wives To Burn (1940)

See You at the Morgue (1941)

Death Walks in Marble Halls (1951)

Pursuit (1951)
APA: Menace (1953)

Rather Cool for Mayhem (1951)

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