Thomas Berger
Russel Wren, a private investigator in 1970s New York City, later a spy in the small fictional European country of Saint Sebastian:

Who Is Teddy Villanova? (1977)

Nowhere (1985)


Killing Time (1967)

Sneaky People (1975)

The Feud (1983)

The Houseguest (1988)

Orrie’s Story (1990)

Meeting Evil (1992)

Suspects (1996)

Other fiction, the saga of Carlo Reinhart beginning with his army days in postwar Berlin through middle-age in America:

Crazy in Berlin (1958)

Reinhart in Love (1962)

Vital Parts (1970)

Reinhart’s Women (1981)

Other fiction, fantasy, western, satirical:

Little Big Man (1964)

Regiment of Women (1973)

Arthur Rex (1978)

Neighbors (1980)

Being Invisible (1987)

Changing the Past (1989)

Robert Crews (1994)

The Return of Little Big Man (1999)

Best Friends (2003)

Adventures of the Artificial Woman (2004)

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