James R. Benn
Billy Boyle, a Boston cop from a family of Boston cops, on the staff of distant relative, General Eisenhower, during WWII:

Billy Boyle (2006) [review]
Finalist 2007 Dilys Award

The First Wave (2007)

Blood Alone (2008)

Evil for Evil (2009)

Rag and Bone (2010)

A Mortal Terror (2011)

Death’s Door (2012)

A Blind Goddess (2013)

The Rest Is Silence (2014)
Finalist 2015 Barry Award for Best Novel

The White Ghost (2015)

Blue Madonna (2016)

The Devouring (2017)
Finalist 2018 Macavity Award for Best Historical Mystery

Solemn Graves (2018)


Desperate Ground (2000)
APA: On Desperate Ground (2012)

Souvenir (2012) [ebook]