Robert G. Barrett
Les Norton, a nightclub bouncer in Sydney, Australia:

You Wouldn’t Be Dead for Quids (1985)

The Boys from Binjiwunyawunya (1987)

The Godson (1989)

Between the Devlin and the Deep Blue Seas (1991)

White Shoes, White Lines and Blackie (1992)

And De Fun Don’t Done (1993)

Mele Kalikamaka Mr. Walker (1994)

The Day of the Gecko (1995)

Rider on the Storm and Other Bits and Barretts (1996) [SS]

Guns ’n’ Rosé (1996)

Mud Crab Boogie1 (1998)

Goodoo Goodoo (1998)

The Wind and the Monkey1 (1999)

Leaving Bondi (2001)

Mystery Bay Blues (2002)

Rosa-Marie’s Baby (2003)

Crime Scene Cessnock (2005)

Les Norton and the Case of the Talking Pie Crust (2007)

High Noon in Nimbin (2009)


The Real Thing (1986) [SS]

Davo’s Little Something (1992)

The Ultimate Aphrodisiac (2002)

The Tesla Legacy (2006)

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