Shannon Baker
Nora Abbott, operator of a ski resort in northern Arizona:

Tainted Mountain (2013)
APA: Height of Deception (2018)

Broken Trust (2014)
APA: Skies of Fire (2018)

Tattered Legacy (2015)
APA: Canyon of Lies (2018)

Kate Fox, wife of the county sheriff, surrounded by a large family and living on a ranch in the Sandhills of Nebraska:

Stripped Bare (2016)

Dark Signal (2017)

Bitter Rain (2018)

Easy Mark (2021)

Broken Ties (2022)

Exit Wounds (2022)

Double Back (2023)

Bull’s Eye (2024)

Michaela Sanchez, an officer with the Arizona Rangers:

Echoes in the Sand (2019)

The Desert’s Share (2020)


Ashes of the Red Heifer (2010)

The Desert Behind Me (2019)

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