Deb Baker
Debra Baker
Gertie Johnson, a 60-something sleuth in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, in the Yooper mysteries:

Murder Passes the Buck (2006)

Murder Grins and Bears It (2007)

Murder Talks Turkey (2008)

Murder Bites the Bullet (2012)
[3 novellas: Murder Bites the Bullet, Murder Begins at Home, Murder Trims the Tree]

Gretchen Birch, her mother Caroline, and her aunt Nina, doll collectors in Phoenix, Arizona, in the Dolls To Die For mysteries:

Dolled Up for Murder (2006)

Goodbye Dolly (2007)

Dolly Departed (2008)

Ding Dong Dead (2008)

Written as Hannah Reed

Story Fischer, a beekeeper in the fictional small town of Moraine, Wisconsin, in the Queen Bee mysteries:

Buzz Off (2010)

Mind Your Own Beeswax (2011)

Plan Bee (2012)

Beeline to Trouble (2012)

Beewitched (2014)

Eden Elliott, a 30-something recent divorcee, whose mother just died, moving to the Highlands village of Glenkillen, in Scotland, in the Scottish Highlands mysteries:

Off Kilter (2014)


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