H.C. Bailey
Henry Christopher Bailey
Reginald Fortune, a surgeon and medical consultant to Scotland Yard, in London, England:

Call Mr. Fortune (1919)1 [SS]

Mr. Fortune’s Practice (1923)1 [SS]

Mr. Fortune’s Trials (1925)1 [SS]

Mr. Fortune, Please (1928)1 [SS]

Mr. Fortune Speaking (1929) [SS]

Mr. Fortune Explains (1930) [SS]

Case for Mr. Fortune (1932) [SS]

Mr. Fortune Wonders (1933) [SS]

Shadow on the Wall2 (1934)

Mr. Fortune Objects (1935) [SS]

A Clue for Mr. Fortune (1936) [SS]

Black Land, White Land (1937)

This Is Mr. Fortune (1938) [SS]

The Great Game3 (1939)

The Bishop’s Crime (1940)

Mr. Fortune Here (1940) [SS]

The Best of Mr. Fortune Stories (1942) [SS selection]

Meet Mr. Fortune (1942) [SS selection]

No Murder (1942)
APA: The Apprehensive Dog (1942)

Mr. Fortune Finds a Pig (1943)

The Cat’s Whisker (1944)
APA: Dead Man’s Effects (1945)

The Wrong Man3 (1946)

The Life Sentence (1946)

Saving a Rope (1948)
APA: Save a Rope (1948)

Mr. Fortune: Eight of His Adventures (1976) [SS selection]

Joshua Clunk, a Bible-spouting, hymn-singing lawyer, in London, England:

Garstons (1930)
APA: The Garston Murder Case (1930)

The Red Castle (1932)
APA: The Red Castle Mystery (1932)

The Sullen Sky Mystery (1935)

Clunk’s Claimant4 (1937)
APA: The Twittering Bird Mystery (1937)

The Great Game5 (1939)

The Veron Mystery4 (1939)
APA: Mr. Clunk’s Text (1939)

The Little Captain (1941)
APA: Orphan Ann (1941)

Dead Man’s Shoes (1942)
APA: Nobody’s Vineyard (1942)

Slippery Ann (1944)
APA: The Queen of Spades (1944)

The Wrong Man5 (1946)

Honour Among Thieves (1947)

Shrouded Death (1950)


Raoul: Gentleman of Fortune (1907) [SS]
APA: A Gentleman of Fortune (1907)

The Man in the Cape (1933)

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