Margot Arnold
Petronelle Marguerite Mary Cook
Penny Spring, a 60-something anthropologist, and Sir Toby Glendower, a 60-something archaeologist, in Cambridge, England:

Exit Actors, Dying (1979)

The Cape Cod Caper (1980)

Zadok’s Treasure (1980)

Death of a Voodoo Doll (1982)

Lament for a Lady Laird1 (1982)

Death on the Dragon’s Tongue1 (1982)

The Menehune Murders (1989)

Toby’s Folly (1990)

The Catacomb Conspiracy (1991)

The Cape Cod Conundrum (1992)

Dirge for a Dorset Druid (1993)

The Midas Murders (1995)


The Officer’s Woman (1972)

The Villa on the Palatine (1975)

Marie (1979)
APA: Marie, Voodoo Queen (1981)

Affairs of State (1982)

The Love Alliance (1985)

Desperate Measures (1986)

Sinister Purposes (1988)