Kevin J. Anderson
Kevin James Anderson
Rebecca Tamerlane, a victim of the Joan of Arc serial killer, seeking revenge as a shape-shifter, in California [written with Kristine Kathryn Rusch]:

Afterimage (1992)

Aftershock1 (1998)

X-Files novelizations:

Ground Zero (1995)

Antibodies (1997)

Ruins (1997)

Craig Kreident, an FBI agent investigating terror threats in top-secret government facilities [written with Doug Beason]:

Virtual Destruction (1996)

Fallout (1997)

Lethal Exposure (1998)

Dan Shamble, a zombie private investigator at Shamble & Die (Chambeaux & Deyer) Investigations, in the Big Uneasy:

Death Warmed Over (2012) [review]
Finalist 2013 Shamus Award for Best Paperback

Unnatural Acts (2013)

Hair Raising (2013)

Slimy Underbelly (2014)

Working Stiff (2015) [SS]


Blindfold (1995)

Ignition (1996) [written with Doug Beason]

Lifeline (2014) [written with Doug Beason]

Kill Zone (2019) [written with Doug Beason]

Stake (2020)

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